Rabies Information

Current rabies information must be on file, or provided at the time of the services otherwise they will be rescheduled.

Cancellation Policy

For all appointments in the event of a no show or last minute cancellation (day of) there will be a $20 fee invoiced to the account. This fee is non-refundable and non-negotiable. If we do not have your billing information the fee will be due upon your next service.


Pets that have been vaccinated within 48 hours of their appointment will be rescheduled. Due to the risk of allergic reactions and general discomfort.


Pets with open wounds or sutures will not be eligible for grooming until these issues are resolved. We don’t want to aggravate existing issues with products or equipment.

Un-spayed Females

Dogs that are in any stage of their “Heat” cycle need to be scheduled specially and it needs to be specified at the time of booking as to not cause disruptions to the grooming atmosphere.

Under Age Puppies

Dogs are not eligible for grooming until they are 8 weeks and have received their first set of vaccinations.

Flea Treatments

 Any topical flea treatments should be either administered at least 48 hours before or after services, according to manufacturers instructions. We do not have any flea dips or treatments to provide. We offer a shampoo that will kill adult fleas but does not kill eggs or larva it does not prevent infestation.

Pre-Existing Health Conditions

Any pre-existing health conditions should be discussed at the time of booking and drop off. Conditions may include but not limited to: seizures, allergies, heart disease, arthritis, deafness, blindness, etc. We have the right to refuse services if we do not feel it is in the pets best interest.

Behavioral Issues

Pets with behavioral disorders such as separation anxiety, dog aggression, owner aggression, kennel aggression, food aggression, fear of thunderstorms, etc. should be discussed at drop off.

Infectious Diseases

Pets with infectious disease such as: kennel cough, dog flu, parvo, ring worm, mites, mange, or intestinal parasites are not eligible for grooming and if these conditions are discovered they will be immediately sent home.

Pet Injury While Under Our Care

Service provider is the individual responsible for providing the service at the time of appointment. If a pet has received an injury or illness while in the facility of The Puppy Cut, it is the responsibility of the service provider to immediately inform the pet owner of the current situation and possible remediations. Remediations must be concluded within the same day as the incident. Remediations may include: the service provider to provide the current service free of charge or a future service of the same type and value. If the pet requires veterinary assistance, the pet must be seen by a veterinary professional within two business days of the incident date. At which point the facility will file a claim to the insurance provider. If the insurance company approves the claim; any approved veterinary services will be covered.